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Add:21 Hengguang Rd., Nanjing Xingang Economic and Technological Developmengt Zone, Nanjing
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Position     Sales Representative   10
Qualifications: 1. Male, college degree, 35 or younger;
2. Experiences in manufacturing industry such as optoelectronics, electronics and raw materials are preferred;
3. Good skills in communications and working with people, hardworking and ability to work under pressure
4. Accept the working site allocated by the company
5. Sales experiences of more than one year and familiar with the enterprises in Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone
Position     Die-cutter operator intern   2
Qualifications: 1. Male, hardworking
2. Work well with team leader, work under pressure and accept overtime Work Time:
Work Time:
1. Five days a week, overtime payment paid as per legal regulations;
2. Buy insurances as per legal regulations of the state;
3. Benefits including holidays, free shuttle bus transfer and accommodation
4. Paid annual leave from one year after entry
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